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I'm beyond irony; I'm justing sitting with my mouth hanging
2005-09-30-- Posted by: allegra

This is a screen capture from the Amazing Race game. I am so fricking glad I don't watch network TV that interpretive dance, fireworks and multiple orgasms couldn't even touch conveying it.

Rock paper scissors
2005-09-30-- Posted by: allegra

Rock Paper Scissors now has 25 hand signals. I am NOT posting a pic, as I can't fit in this tiny space, but I will post the link.

... you gotta admit, including the cockroach was a coup.

Stayed up half the night to finish a book Patricia loaned me called The Little Friend by Donna Tartt. Highly recommended. When you find yourself yelling at the characters rather than "observing the artistry of the author" she's probably done a good job. What I found particularly interesting is that the scene shifts back and forth between a dysfunctional Southern family (mental illness, death in the family, Daddy's gone to live in another state with his mistress) and a REALLY dysfunctional Southern family (taxidermy, a decrepit grandmother named Gum, a rebel preacher, a meth lab and addiction, mental illness, siblings in Angola Prison, Lots and Lots and LOTS of snakes who, uh, well, that would be telling) and the language the two families use is really different and very scarily convincing. I mean, I didn't want to do meth BEFORE I read this book, but Danny and Farish's twin spiral of doom into complete meth freakeoutness really put a stake in the heart of my urge to "bump" - just this once. As for Harriet, the main character and a child of 12, she's one of the better fictional concoctions I've run acrost recently. The book is a counterpoint to O Brother Where Art Thou; it's also set in Mississippi.

No more sleeps until Serenity. Excitement is at a fever pitch here.

More meese
2005-09-30-- Posted by: allegra

Why, it's been bally ages since I posted a good moose picture. Tip of hat to Sandy for a simple "Van Gogh" moose moment.

little birdies
2005-09-30-- Posted by: allegra

Remember those ugly little birds I had pictures of earlier (apologies to Brooke). Here they are all grown up.

It's time to cash out
2005-09-29-- Posted by: allegra

The balloon is going up

I'm calling my broker....