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Elephants on Xanax
2006-08-31-- Posted by: allegra

Just in case this link has disappeared, it's the heartwarming story of how Tanzy the Elephant at the Abilene Zoo quit bugging her barnmate and the keepers when they started putting ibuprofen and Xanax in her chow. Somehow "Elephants on Xanax" was too good a subject heading to pass up. It also reminds me of (editor's note, knock it off) something I probably should stop talking about right now. Never mind.

2006-08-31-- Posted by: allegra

Apart from the Burnaby Now exploding all over our front yard when the minion who delivers it didn't put it through the mail slot, life is peaceful. I'm off to run/walk/cycling with Peggy and Paul.

I have added a verse to Spinal Clinic. I suspect it will end up being quite a bit longer.

Stolen from
2006-08-30-- Posted by: allegra

Stakeholder engagement -- the state of being betrothed to Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Albino pygmy marmosets
2006-08-30-- Posted by: allegra

They'll be a whole 3.5 ounces when they're grown. Photo Reuters.

Quick correction
2006-08-30-- Posted by: allegra

Uh, that should be 'ex-boyfriends', in that last post. Katie is not working on polyandry, to the best of my knowledge.