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live from New Orleans
2005-08-31-- Posted by: allegra

This is a live feed from a tv station in Louisiana.... I have no idea how they kept going (while I was watching the feed their lights cut out). is the home page, and there's up to date information on rescues, which roads are impassible, etc. I note in their events blog that the state officials are already dissing the Army for their inability to start putting down sandbags. Also, the newspeople were saying, if you've reported that a rescue is required, please don't call back to monitor progress; the rescuers are only flesh and blood and they're rescuing people one family at a time.

Officials are now calling for the complete evacuation of the city, and frankly there is no other sensible course of action if they want to stop the looting and prevent a full scale epidemic; water is available but on a boil water advisory, which doesn't help when there's no fuel but what's left of the buildings in the city.

Medical staff who evacuated into Baton Rouge are being asked to return to the city.

After the end of the emergency
2005-08-31-- Posted by: allegra

I want this guy's life story. He looks like the town character. And, to a Canadian goil like me, it seems obvious; I have to love The Man Who Saved the Beer. I am such a sap for icons.

I spread blessings of joy and light on my beloved coworkers.

Mario gave me chocolate today. I should have swooned, but I didn't.

Katie hung out at Jess's and came home with me; Paul worked and slept far too little... and remember, this man gave blood in the last 48 hours, did I fail to mention that? Remiss of me. So he's tired and subdued. I am going to stop typing and go kiss him.

Storm in Ontario
2005-08-31-- Posted by: allegra

Parrotlets on Parade
2005-08-30-- Posted by: allegra

Scientific American Quote Sept 2005
2005-08-30-- Posted by: allegra

Herman E Daly, a ecological economist, sayeth thusly: "As important as empirical measurement is, it is worth remembering that when one jumps out of an airplane, a parachute is more beneficial than an altimeter." Or, The sky's no limit, the ground is.