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2006-04-30-- Posted by: allegra

Tom L and Paul are having a busy morning. The last of the trees are coming down. Then I get raised beds. Happy sigh.

I know this is copyright protected
2006-04-30-- Posted by: allegra

But how the hell can I resist???? Aislin ROCKS.

Happy news
2006-04-29-- Posted by: allegra

Even if I continue to feel dreadful (I took yesterday off, as I couldn't look at a screen or lights and ached from head to foot) I am going to think happy thoughts and relay happy news. Paul cut the phone line yesterday taking down the last of the tree limbs for the walnut tree but it will be fixed today... and I have a wireless modem, as previously reported, so I'm blogging anyway.

Katie's new beau continues to be charming and friendly and he has a radio controlled car that tops out at about 70k; it was fun watching it blast up and down the culdesac yesterday evening. Then he hauled out his laptop and Keith and Kate and L. watched Unleashed in Kate's room. Keith starts his new job Monday night and he has to memorize all the Superstore codes for bizarre vegetables between now and then. He has a good start on it and since his memory is pretty good I'll let him play Final Fantasy 10 for another half hour and then get back to it.

Paul's off changing the oil in the car.

I have to get back to the usual assortment of life maintenance now; bathroom's pretty much done and when I sign off I'll go back to hacking away at the living room.

I owe cousin Vladimir a letter; I don't know whether to do something really offensive like send him all of my MP3's of songs I've recorded, or something marginally more useful like some of my favourite artists. I was also thinking of doing a "this is my life" series of pix of a typical day in my life, and then laboriously translating it into Russian with the help of one or two Russian speaking friends. Any suggestions?

L'il Cthu refuses to come down from the damned chandelier. One of the pizza slices went missing, so I think he (it?) is coming out to forage at night. Both of the cats seem much more nervous than usual; Kira has taken to hiding in Keith's room every chance she gets. Maybe this isn't exactly happy news, but I'll put a good face on it.

aaaaackkkk! It got away on me
2006-04-27-- Posted by: allegra

I dunno. The package was addressed to me, and then this stripy mollusc leaped out, tentacles flailing, and it leaped out of my hands onto the chandelier, and now it refuses to come down. I didn't like the way it was eyeing the garlic - I suspect its days are numbered........

I told mOm to knit me a nautilus, and I got this animated little cuss; I was expecting something a little more docile. But now I'm not sure I'd want to do something as potentially risky as SLEEP with it in my bed... it's not exactly vicious looking but it has a look in its eyes as if the Call of Cthulhu is never far from its mind.....

Miracles do happen
2006-04-27-- Posted by: allegra

Milagros Cerron, the mermaid baby I blogged about a year ago, is getting big and strong.

Her first word was "Doctor".

Keep growing, little miracle!