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Grr argh
2006-03-31-- Posted by: allegra

Keith blew off Karate last night and came home after Katie went to bed (?!) having blown his brains out on Warcraft. He's paying for the Karate so if he wants to blow it off that's his headache but of course much parental tsk tsking this morning.

My boss announced a long overdue project, deadline today at 10 am, and as I drew breath to complain about the timeline, he explained, in the brisk tones of a man trying to cram as much as possible in before his own execution, what HE was up against. Seldom have I been so effectively and efficiently reduced to docility.... as I sourly remarked to hubby this morning. I deserved it, and now am clean, shiny, and ready to work on something I should have already done.... more later. I'm actually in a pretty good mood.

Katie and I played cribbage last night. I beat her by 2 POINTS. I never beat her - she's evil with the discards, that girl. It was astonishing to win at all.

Beer and whining
2006-03-30-- Posted by: allegra

Big shout out to Steve and Mike, two of my fave cow-irkers, for our mutual therapy session at the hotel bar last night. I started out the discussion with What Are the 3 Biggest Irritants about Work right now, and a couple of hours and two jugs of beer later we had mapped out a strategy for bringing our legitimate concerns to a higher level. No, really. It WAS a work meeting; but there are some things that just go better with beer.

A very huggy, special shout out to Paul, who is a simply magnificent human being, and has demonstrated thoughtfulness, generosity of spirit and good humour in such a wonderful way to me and to others in our family/extended family over the last weeks. I am blessed to have him as such an important person in my life. Happy sigh.

Keith's out looking for work (despite having an interview Monday), Katie is freaking out about her drama presentation, John is visiting rellies back east, Pokey is being very affectionate, and life is perrrrrty darned good right now.

Resisting temptation
2006-03-29-- Posted by: allegra

Those of you who are shacking/married know that sometimes you will share with your spouse a joke which is not, uh, shareable with the great mass of people. Such was the case last night. Suffice it to say Paul and I got a good laugh out of it, and that I am in a calm and friendly state of mind today as Paul donated about half hour of desperately required massage. (I worked on his scalp and face). I am really really happy he's off nights; I miss my teddy bear when he's not there.

Katie took her boyfriend for coffee the other day (having learned she still had money in her account!). I covered off the dishes for her last night so she could do homework.

Last night I dreamed that I lived in a city made of books. I also dreamed that I found a musical instrument (weird looking critter, like a 16 string cittern made of black composite), and once I found out that it was something I could play on I started singing "Lifeline" - and everybody else started singing something else even louder and I attacked them. Like, physically; like, ripping their shirts up and pounding on them. How.... childish. I was displeased with my dream-self.

Got a postcard (Rolling Stones, Exile on Main Street) from my ex-husband yesterday. I should write him back.

My loofahs haven't germinated. I wonder how long it takes; nothing but a couple of Jalapenos and the sugar beets and flax have come up. The tobacco is stubbornly sitting this one out as well, and after I bought nice big decorative pots for them, the ingrates.

Keith is still coughing but a little better every day.

enough sleep
2006-03-28-- Posted by: allegra

Couldn't sleep until 1:30 last night. Richard Fleischer died the day before yesterday. As a memorial, we watched Red Sonja, one of THE WORST movies I ever saw in the theatre, and really, we should have watched 20,000 Leagues under the Sea, as that *was* his magnum opus. Kirk Douglas, who had the world's sweetest ass at the time, dancing around in front of a bunch of appreciate sailors!? happy squee.

labour unrest
2006-03-27-- Posted by: allegra

From the Blenz on Robson......