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Hate it when that happens
2006-02-28-- Posted by: allegra

As much as I like to believe that I am remarkable, my bladder is apparently not. Which is good news, really, when you think about it. Apart from a gentle stinging amidships, I am entirely fine. So, all these tests (CT skull scan, heart scan, CT abdo scan) over the last three years, and every one shows that there's nothing wrong with me. Question... isn't there a pill for that?

Whatever you do, DON'T imageGoogle cystoscopy. Yumpin Yiminy. I wanted to post something, but I am not thinking this is a good idea any more.

No pigs in ages
2006-02-28-- Posted by: allegra

I haven't posted a pig picture in ages. This comes from the Cleveland Police Department, and brought a smile to my nervous lips.

Wish me luck for the cystoscopy.

Flying Lions
2006-02-28-- Posted by: allegra

Cousin Gerald sent me this. I think you actually have to know something about flying to understand how freaking hard this is to do for one guy, let alone four; suffice it to say that if somebody screws up, he'll turn turtle and possibly wipe out somebody else. Trust is a lovely thing. Website is

Gravity shifted?
2006-02-27-- Posted by: allegra

Gwyneth Jones' book Life is wonderful, read it.

Octavia Butler died at home over the Potlatch weekend. RIP.

Here's another pic from the ice storm in Ottawa.

as promised
2006-02-26-- Posted by: allegra