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Interfering in science
2006-12-31-- Posted by: allegra

Sometimes the headlines write themselves
2006-12-31-- Posted by: allegra

The baaing, the baaing.

New Test
2006-12-31-- Posted by: allegra

My new test of whether a film is funny is whether it's funny with the sound off. This meets the criterion.

Wild Catamaran
2006-12-31-- Posted by: allegra

This weird 'spider boat' is a prototype ocean going catamaran, which apparently has been spotted in Seattle.

The oracle
2006-12-31-- Posted by: allegra

I consulted the oracle this morning; I made myself up a rather Whedonesque ritual which likely would have been quite amusing to the rational types in the crowd, and then laid down the cards in the Celtic Cross pattern.

It was a hard lesson but a good one.

Tonight I may consult another yet oracle; as previously mentioned in this blog a Finnish form of divination is to melt solder and cast it into water and take note of the shapes formed thereby. Dr Filk as I recollect was supposed to have a much more prosperous time of things, the last time he tried it, although it took a while for that to come true.

There are signs that Chinese citizens are becoming somewhat less willing to bear the brunt of ecological catastrophe as a price for their economic miracle. We shall see how this plays out for stability.