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more snow
2006-11-30-- Posted by: allegra

There was another two inches of extremely dense snow on the ground this morning. Driving was fine because I live just off major routes, but listening to the radio about how 45 seconds of travel was turning into an hour at some of the on ramps made me glad that Dr. Filk told me to put a shovel in the trunk this morning.

I feel like I'm coming down with something.

On the plus side, the distrust, fear and suspicion which has clouded Katie's life for the last little while seems to be lifting, thanks be.

More writing
2006-11-30-- Posted by: allegra

I wrote some more.

I talked to Paul; he's suggesting I stay put and he'll fly the family flag at the funeral and come home Sunday - he's on vacation for the best part of two weeks.

We tried to work out the logistics of getting me out Friday night and then Saturday morning and none of it looked easy; he's still going to look into it and the situation is still fluid.

Typing the victim impact statement for Katie was a lot harder than I expected it to be. The very starkness and lack of emotion makes it very moving.

There's a lot happening in my life right now.

Burnaby Library phoned to say that Keith lost his phone and, possibly, his keys. Hope he makes it home soon so I can tell him, he's probably already noticed that they're missing and is pretty choked.

Dr Filk, may he be praised and adored, has shovelled the walkways; it's still bucketing and cusping on sleet.

A good death
2006-11-29-- Posted by: allegra

Frances, beloved mother of my best friend from high school, Liz, and her sister Laura, and beloved mom in law of Andy, grandmother to a tidy few childer, died in her daughter's home last night. They called an ambulance, but with her classic defiance, she chose to go just as you could hear it beeping as it backed up into the driveway.

She was on the phone with her friends - her best friend Phyllis is my mom-in-law - and relating to her family right up until the end, and appeared to be in no pain after she slipped into unconsciousness after three glasses of water and a nice big supper. She was cracking jokes and ribbing her relatives right until the end.

She died surrounded by family.

It doesn't get better than this, when we must pay our debt, and she paid it in style, with a curl in her lip, and I salute her. (Liz said, I can just hear her say, "I'm not going into ANY ambulance, thanks.")

The funeral is the same day as the company holiday party, and I've already called Paul to put his thinking cap on about travel arrangements, because the party is trivial, and the funeral is important. Paul's only an hour away where he is, so all that needs to happen is my heading out Friday night and coming back Sunday night.... I'm sure there's a bed for me somewhere in London....

Love each other while you can; the future's uncertain and the end is always near.

A company responds to misinformation
2006-11-29-- Posted by: allegra

This is MY idea of how a company should respond to bullshit on the web. Boing Boing said, oh you can buy polonium on the web. Guess what? Maybe you can, but it's a leedle more complicated than that.

Rob of Nine's snow pic
2006-11-29-- Posted by: allegra

Is now on the home page of the SFU site!! Yes, that's more or less what work looks like now. gorram snow.