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Lake effect
2004-11-30-- Posted by: allegra

This one's for Paul, check out the striations of this lake effect snowfall that covered Michigan a few years back.

Watching Katie fall in love is painful and charming. The good old days.

Things are pretty peaceful. I have another business trip at the end of the week.

Brother James has interesting friends
2004-11-30-- Posted by: allegra

Brother James from our Eastern Climes (he asked me what I should give the visiting POTUS and I said nothing, Homeland Security already hates me) has yet another story about why you should NOT dick around with intelligent people. pOp, I'm sure you'll enjoy this one....over to Brother James

A friend of mine here in Ottawa just got let go from his job of five years. In the five years, he had acquired a fair number of t-shirts, jackets, hats, pens, etc., with his old company's name and logo. Well, he didn't want to wear the stuff (editor's note: Dja figure?) but he didn't want to put it in the trash either. So he washed all the clothes and headed down to the missions. He stood outside the missions and handed the gear out to the less fortunate.

About a month later, while waiting for the bus in the financial district, he saw a homeless person going through the trash while wearing his jacket and hat. He turned to the nearest suit wearing person at the bus stop and pointed out the homeless person. "You know, that used to be a great company, and now the employees have to get food out of the trash."

I shall say no more.
2004-11-29-- Posted by: allegra

enough sleep
2004-11-28-- Posted by: allegra

We had a spectacular seafood potluck meal at Paul and Anna's last night. Unbelievably good. Mike J, Victoria, Thomas, Paul, Anna, Myself and Paul in attendance. Marie and Pierre showed up in time to go to the concert.

The Powder Blues Band was uniformly tight and excellent and I have no regrets about the money spent to see them. However, as I left, I vented my opinion of the DJ by writing all over the condensation on his vehicle TOO LOUD DUDE!!!! TOO LOUD DUDE!!!!

Peaceful protest is better... it's not like I could have made myself heard over the utterly bassed-out and distorted assortment of "classic rock" he was blasting out. I just loved watching what got people on the dance floor. Billie Jean pulled hardest; AC DC cleared the floor like a stink bomb, it was very amusing to watch. Then all of a sudden Frankie Goes Hollywood's "Relax" comes on and I was interested to see that it didn't have quite the dance floor emesis effect of AC DC. The guy I was sitting next to was surprised I knew what every tune was. It's really hard to explain that it's my JOB to know about pop culture references; what people really don't get is how I can do it and not watch network tv. It's a gift, what can I say. Tom and Peggy showed up later and Peggy danced quite a bit. I only danced for two tunes, being Love Shack (I'm sorry, but I cannot stay in my seat for that) and something the Powder Blues Band did. Then my hips and ankles started screaming something along the lines of "You twit, sit down". So I did.

Now we're off to church to do sound set up and I'm opening. La La. Then we do a shop.

Then we come home and listen to Katie complain about what it's like not to have any cigarettes. She's complaining about other things too these days, but with some justification, and to protect her feelings I won't mention what. She did enough housework this week to get an allowance, so she actually has more money in her bank account than she has had since it opened.

enough sleep
2004-11-28-- Posted by: allegra

Spent an enjoyable two hours at the Masabo Cultural Centre last night, pounding the hell out of a djembe for the first time. This west African drum is large and versatie. Fano, the guy leading the drum drop in, was having a wonderful time riffing overtop of whatever beat he established with us. I of course lost the beat about 60 times, but I was having way too much fun to care. Then over to see Mike's place for the first time, he's moved in underneath Jarmo (still no hot tub) ;(. Anyway, I'm being hauled out the door to grill fish and see the Powder Blues Band at a private function. In White Rock. And then, the very last time opening the church tomorrow morning. More tomorrow.