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Ex Judge of the day
2006-10-31-- Posted by: allegra

No, not my dad. (Scroll down until you hit a picture of a derelict vehicle.....)

2006-10-31-- Posted by: allegra

Maggie Mae, runt of Scooter and Cody's final litter, has passed on from pneumonia. Love each other while you can.

Had a good long talk with my brother yesterday. The kids are thinking of coming to visit him when they next have two spare days to rub together.

You start out thinking they'll never leave and the next thing you know they're never here.

2006-10-30-- Posted by: allegra

Since when is Tony Blair a friend of the environment? The world's gone mad, I tell you, mad!

But why?
2006-10-29-- Posted by: allegra

George W Bush Speechwriter software....

More retro motor pron
2006-10-29-- Posted by: allegra

Oooh, look, a Hubbard steam powered motorcycle. It's so hot I could die.