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Corrections, and a little blue dot
2007-01-07-- Posted by: allegra

Katie DID SO tell me she was spending the night out, I just didn't see the note until after I blogged. Also, psot is actually post.

The above noted URL will not come as a surprise to any thinking person, but it's a good reminder, anyway, and ties in very nicely with church this morning.

At church this morning I cut up pineapples and lit a candle for sorrow that Paul and I are breaking up and wished they could run through new songs at least once before those of us who can't read music had to sing them.

Lawyers say, "Don't hire lawyers!"
2007-01-07-- Posted by: allegra

Two boring paragraphs about marital breakdown removed, thanks be to the blessed Virgin.

Went swimming last night. If I had the courage, I'd take a picture of how my hair looks right now... I went to bed with my hair wet. It's quite wild, really.

No children in the house. Katie didn't come home and didn't call, and Keith is off with the grands in Victoria, having sworn he'd make up the time he missed with the family over Christmas Eve.

Big shout out to the people who have listened to my whining over the last few days. I'll try to shut up now, and remember I'm not the only person in the world with troubles.

There will be a chocolate fountain at church today. Attendance, while certainly not mandatory, seems advisable.

It's been Bally Ages since I posted a moose pic
2007-01-07-- Posted by: allegra

This is a moose in a blindfold. Her ass is in a sling. She is flying, flying, in a sling, blindfolded. She is being airlifted someplace. See the moose swing. See the moose bawl for Gravol. See moose lose lunch, then breakfast, then that big mistake of a midnight moosesnack.

Poor moose.

Sundry & various
2007-01-06-- Posted by: allegra

I was talking to Paul and I said, "So if you and I had had a baby girl who was never going to mature mentally, do you suppose we would have had surgery done on her to keep her small?"

Paul looked disgusted and said no. Both of us figure we might be tempted, and we are trying to be sympathetic to the parents of that young girl in Seattle who's been modded so extremely, but no. Me neither. Yeesh.

I note from the news that the right wing extremists have been handed a headline so wonderful, so apropos of their deepest fears, that it's really quite remarkable. The first baby born in New York in 2007 was eligible for loadso dough and then, KACHING, not so much. Because, alas, her parents were ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS. Yoink! They breed like .... well, really fecund mammals, you know.

Sometimes duct tape doesn't cut it.
2007-01-05-- Posted by: allegra

More on the BC Place collapse.