It bothers me that the older I get the rarer I get, even to me. I’m literally making myself scarce for the next generation and what thanks am I getting, what do you mean I actually have to die before anybody thanks me. Well, just see if I don’t.

me with my mouth open

I miss that coat and scarf; I lost the scarf and the coat got holes in it. This is like fifteen years ago on the beach close to Courtenay. It was a fucking cold and windy day.

The UK election did not go well for the Greens and Labour. The Smug Gits got in instead. Northern Ireland had some interesting shifts.

Still very low energy. I don’t feel sad, I just hate how dark it is all the time. Jeff’s encouraging me to find short term creative / admin projects – like moving all the posts from the old site to the current one so I have something to plug away on when I don’t have the cognitive capacity for my Big Jobs. So now I have to put together the ability to make a list. LOL

snow pic from last year

Rainbow hand – taken at Mike’s place Electrifying, evidently Me in the tub Jeff’s car has not been driven in a while and the raccoons enjoy it.


Alex yesterday

“Do you have a message for your GGMa? Thank you GGma!” And NO I DIDN’T PROMPT THIS other than asking him to say it. I thought my heart would ‘splode.

He played Xenon and got Seven Tube Shots. He’s getting good, it’s wonderful to watch. He watched Gruncle Jeff play Gears of War (“I was told there’d be robots”!) 4 for about ten minutes before he wanted his own videos.

Then I sat him down with Audacity and we did some recording. Part of it is above.

He’s so funny. I just about died laughing, and Katie got a break which included a nap and making supper…..

Rib is better

I entertained myself this morning coming up with fake reviews for the Upsun series. My inspiration was reading a panning of a piece of fantastic contemporary space opera because it has queers and soft boys in it.

lol lol lol

I got a good night of sleep and hopefully I’m ready to take on the day.

So one of the writers and show runners for Frankie Drake wrote and directed Cairo Time! Ruba Nadda is the name.

June 2005 is up

I got lazy and put the last half of the month under one post.

I wrote 690 words of fanfic yesterday but I’m completely sessile today. I had a ‘bad digestion day’ which was basically me eating a probiotic for the first time in months plus eating cheese and two bowls of lentils in a single 24 hour period and I must say it was windy in here, mighty windy. The cheese & probiotic formed a plug and then the lentils had things to say for about 45 minutes after they rudely and forcefully pushed past the cheese plug, at the end of which I briefly thought of taking a picture and then comparing notes with my pOp but I, even I, restrain myself at the ultimate edge of really poor taste and merely suggest it. Then I nearly passed out. I felt faint for about ten minutes and actually thought about yelling for Jeff but the ghastly weakness faded. I kept my phone close just in case. This much pressure is normally accompanied by high exhaust gas temperature but nope. If Paul ever reads this he needs to know I repeatedly thanked fortune that I had a flush, as opposed to hand pump, toilet, as I would naver have kept up.

That plus the bruised possible broken or cracked floating rib is not making me lively, that’s for damned sure.

I light a candle for a young comrade in Sweden who’s feeling crappy and unloved. I sent him a note to indicate that his crappiness is not evident at least to me.